About STS


Over the last few decades, there has been an overwhelming progress in Information communications technology (ICT) fields. Such progress has resulted from the great advancement in microelectronics as well as the remarkable achievements in Computer hardware and software. It has become clear to everyone how important the role that Telecommunication and Technology plays in our modern life. The far-reaching effects it has on our economy and our social lives justify the worldwide interest on such topics. As a result, there are research and development activities, technical meetings, workshops, symposia and specialized conferences held around the clock everywhere in the world for the study of such topics. The military and security applications of ICT have reached a new horizon; and became clear that they play a prominent and decisive role in today’s battlefields.

The establishment of Saudi Telecommunications Society is a reflection of the importance of the telecommunications engineering in our life. King Saud University Council, in its fourth meeting, held on 27-10-1423H (31 December 2002), has approved establishing The Saudi telecommunications Society as one of the specialized scientific societies. The membership is open to all communication engineers and professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as detailed in the Society bylaws.


Serve the telecom society in the Kingdom both technically and socially. Get knowledge at any time and from any place. Contribute in developing the performance of the telecom sector. Continuous cooperation and coordination with the Government entities such as universities, research centers, Ministries, specialized entities, telecom and IT service providers, commercial companies and establishments engaged in the telecom and IT sectors in the Kingdom. Work for the participation of these entities in the policy of the association and directing it to serve the development of the telecom and IT sectors.


The mission of the STS is to promote and enhance technical and scientific understanding in the field of telecommunication and information engineering through Government, Universities, Industry, and Business partnerships in focused and shared programs.

Other activities of STS includes but not limited to:


* Participating in feasibility studies, preparation of technical specifications … etc.

* Investigating potential areas for possible telecommunication service improvement.

* Training, in the form of short courses, seminars, workshops … etc.

* Contributing to the evaluation of telecommunications and information technology policy issues and assisting Government agencies when requested.

* Promoting awareness of telecommunications and information technology issues among the public and contributing to sustainable development in the Kingdom.

* Supporting collaborative research between Universities and industry to maximize the intellectual capacity in the Kingdom to meet the global challenges in Information & Communications Sciences and Technologies.

* Organizing seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences on telecommunications technical and societal issues with the assistance of local, regional and international sponsors.

* Publishing digests directories, posters, flyers, conference proceedings, magazines and journals, and special issues of existing University journals to disseminate research results.

* Participation in local and international conferences and exhibitions.

* The development of practice standards in the telecommunications sector.

* Publishing studies and articles in scientific journals in the field of telecommunications.

* Scientific and engineering thought development in the field of Communications and Information Technology.

* Encourage research, studies, and providing scientific advice in the areas telecommunications and information technology.

Honorary presidency

His Highness Prince Faisal bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud is the Honorary President of STS. He held several meetings with the Chairman of the Board of STS to discuss its plans and possible ways of support and the contributing to achieve the Government’s targets for localization of technology and support the economy.

Vision of the Future Society

* Serve the Telecommunications society in the Kingdom technically and socially.

* Access to knowledge at any time and from anywhere.

* Contribute to the performance of the telecommunications sector development.

* Continuous cooperation and coordination with government agencies, such as universities, research centers, ministries, agencies and telecommunications companies and information technology companies and businesses operating in the ICT sector in the Kingdom.

* Work on the participation of these different sectors and agencies in the formulation of STS policy and direct it towards serving the development of the ICT sector in the Kingdom.